Broken Glass Whole Again

by Yap Snow

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released July 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Yap Snow Zakopane, Poland

Folk punk solo project from Zakopane, PL. Jagoda Stawiarska is the former of the project. All the CDs are home-released.

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Track Name: Wyznanie Sierpniowej Hazardzistki
Gambler: Every single morning is the same
I look through the window, I check if it rains
And then I travel not far away
Few more words are flowing through the air
Laughs and friendly sounds or growls of despair
It all depends on you waiting there

chorus: Never thought it could be funny,
But it's funny, very funny!
I'm addicted to these travels
So shut up, just take my money!
One more day like Russian Roulette
With my headphones on I'm following through
Just come here! Wanna see your face again!

7:40, then I always start
And my journey ends in kingdom for a heart
The sound of freedom tears me apart
I like Mondays, I see that you do
We both want to fight for world we're walking through
Someone just liked me, someone means: you


Now there's only one way
It's a beautiful day
I'm taking all my soul with me
To those I would care to see

Track Name: What If My World (Was Always Mine...?)
Gambler: My reflection in the mirror seems to be a little lost
I've been walking quite a curvy road and all have turned to dust
Fought with many demons, tried to kill them all away
Will it turn out that I had a world at my feet all night and day?

I closed my tiny cage, took off black coat and paid the price
I chased away the serpents from way to so called 'paradise'
I said 'goodbye' to exiled ones and tried to understand
Do you want to tell me that this all happened only in my head?

I wrote so many letters, tried to reach an empty space
But the line of silence has two ends and space was out of place
Sometimes a number is enough to escape from stupidity
God never lets us fall to heaven so we follow gravity

I was the foreigner in this land
I am returning from the inner war
I saw the children dying in the sun
I will... (Pride leads you to hell, to heaven...)

What if my world was always mine and I imagined it was not?
What if I wasted time trying to reject what I got?
God told there'd be no farewells, no more knife-shaped words
It might have been just a joke, but it's played with lovely chords
Track Name: Intro (Rebuilt!)
Wanderer: Hey... psst! Hey, girl!
Gambler: Oh, I didn't know I'd see you here! You look surprisingly lovely today. What have you been up to for this whole time?
Wanderer: Nah, you know me. Being here, being there, seeing the world and drinking coffee. How's your business going?
Gambler: Dude, why are you even asking? This casino is more deserted than the Inn so I'm basically moping around, having no idea for my life. It's all so twisted...
Wanderer: Hmm... So maybe if you can't find anything interesting to do you could just join me? Two Wanderers exploring the space... hey! It would be SOMETHING.
Gambler: When I look at you I can't tame the disturbing impression... Aren't we the same person?
Wanderer: Open your mind, my dear Gambler! There's so much to see, to discover. The planets are illuminating, the stars are blinking shyly at you, the ceiling bursts! Look at these cracks on the boards REBEL, my friend! It's the only right way of existing. Think of your future! Friendly pumas, pants made out of badgers, miraclous armadillos, lil'dipsticks sticking out from the ground like a top part of mycellium. You can find it all in these skies, the skies are so white, so bright today!
Gambler: What happened? I feel so dumb, so numb, can't keep plumb...
Wanderer: Isn't it a courier approaching? He brings a message! Maybe he's a first baleful sign of new beneficial occurences?
Gambler: White skies! I see them!
Wanderer: You're trembling all over... I'll catch you!
Gambler: Arms, they are a future of mankind, so... so cozy....
Wanderer: I think you didn't even guess that it was my wicked kind of proposal.
Gambler: You look so shockingly resplendent today...
Track Name: 4. The Messenger & White Skies
Mutineer: When blackness gives us signs
Who the fuck is guilty for the mess I have in mind?
I scratch and I bite
What the fuck just happened with the bringer of the light?
I can't even put in words what I wanna say
Why the fuck the world I had drifts still further away?
Salvation is at hand...!
I greet Messenger from afar and soon I'm off to see the whitest of the skies

chorus: In the name of all the fragments of this broken glass
I swear we will never fall, never lapse
So take my promise and give your voice, let's get loud!
In the fact your world doesn't differ from mine!

Here I get absolutely fierce
I'm the first who laughs, the first who screams, release me!
I catch the air and I cry
Two colors- black and white – rampage around
I see my whole life
Soon everything is pretty and alright
I am the strongest one!
No love and no fear, finally!
Just something that I can't define but it's here in me!


I changed the concept, changed the topic,
Does it matter anyhow?
Everything is so unreal both in past an now
So I'm the independent one
With mean, confident smile
That's how the story goes this year, I wave my hand, goodbye!
Track Name: Trigger An Avalanche
Mutineer: Don't give me boyfriends, don't give me girlfriends,
Don't give me love, don't give me closeness, I'll be jesting around
Don't give me marriage, don't give me children
And your philosophy I don't care about
Don't call me odious or narrow-minded
Don't call me creep, just do whatever your heart dictates
Don't say it's transistory, don't say it's fugitive
I crave for freedom till the end of my days!

And then the moment comes of cogitation
When something triggers, triggers, triggers an avalanche
I realise the only birth I'll ever give
Is the one I'm giving to my songs! Hooray!

chorus: Take my hands as I have two of them,
Smile out loud, I know that you approve
Now my pervision will no more trick me and
My fears won't beset me when I groove
I have fun again!

So give me freedom, you give me freedom,
I won't stand jealousy or wailing and I won't sacrifice
I blink my right eye, I blink my left eye
And then I feel a white-hot thrill while I am rolling my dice

And then the moment comes of cogitation
When something triggers, triggers, triggers an avalanche
And then the moment comes of careless shrugging
Don't care about this world, ludicrous, goofy land!


Take my hands as I have two of them
Don't take anything else or you will regret!
I'll give you shivering, I'll give you exultation
And the ride you will never forget!
Track Name: Yap Snow ft. Claudia Campos Rendón - Light Symphony
Mutineer: Down on Earth there's a world
Where dimensions collide
Down the hell there's a path
Where the devils are beguiled
Light Keeper: In this world full of absurdity
Where the roles have been mixed and changed
There's a light on the horizon
Which is ought to rearrange

Light, come and illuminate,
Give us a will to live and give us hope
Light, you're stronger than our hate
You reign and navigate, you save us all!

Don't try to quench my tiny flame, it's burning till the end
Till there's no more love in this world and no time left to spend
I bring you knowledge, come and join my way!
I'm drifting through the air when the sky turns grey

Come my dear and warm your palms,
give your soul to my flame
Mutineer: On the top! Time to rise!
I can bring your fire to this Earth
Light Keeper: Abase your sword, now it's over
Set your spirit free and let it out
Mutineer: In the heart of fear I arise
With the sense that I have found

I got so freaking crazy
Trying to kill the immortal
But now when the future is smiling
I flow again through the portal

Been hiding from this baneful light untill I see again
There is no need to scratch the wound to cause the otoise pain
Don't dare to prove you know what happens next
I'm sure of every choice and every step that now I make!

Light Keeper: The moths have died, the light was born, they gather once again
The sky falls down, anxiety's being vanished by the rain
We touch the clouds and we turn on the sun
Arising as entirety from the frozen ground!

Come my dear and warm your palms,
give your soul to my flame
Mutineer: Break this world, now we know
That we can be whole again...
Track Name: Loser Day
Victorious Loser: It's not a coincidence that this day you came to me
Cause nothing happens accidentally in this world
You sat by my side on a second day of this year
And gave me desires of your old

You brought the fire, brought the rain, you sucked my ears and fucked the pain
You've been watching me all my true life
Now giving me a memory, a fantasy, a heresy
You proved me how amazing I've become!
I drive a peacock to the moon, wake up at noon and see you soon
Anniversary is today!
One year ago the broken heart which crossed the sky was torn apart
I'm still a loser in society's eyes!

chorus: It is a day of all the losers
It is a song for the weirdoos like us
It's hymn for madmen, girls and boys sang by the irrestible voice
Let's be the losers in society's eyes!

Fuck you ye damn autocorrect, changing me lyrics, I got wrecked
Why do I write this shit on my phone?
Oh don't be scared by me, my dear, sit by my side and have no fear
This time I face it all alone
It's been round year since tragic day, the drunken lady made of hay
Is today very merry, very gay (ojej!)
Thanks to wonders of your creation reminding me 'bout this desolation
I sing drunken songs in different atmosphere!

chorus x2

It's not a coincidence that this day you came to me
Well, in fact you don't leave me at all
Thank you for the joy you're bringing to my spirit
Faded memories are now amusement, not my fall
Track Name: Healed By The Forces From The Ceiling
Victorious Loser: I walked through the wide streets of Cracow
I was wandering jauntily through the darkest places
Caught the rays of sun on fine autumn evening
Holding my soul in the warm embraces
As I was standing at the bus stop I realised
There was nothing to seriously disturb my eyes
And I was pretty shocked that it just disappeared
And nothing more preys on me here

chorus: Somehow you knew there's a girl in a desperate need of healing
And that's how I got healed by the forces from the ceiling
You smile with childish hope and you cast a furtive glance
Now I'm held by the weirdest ones! One more time!
You emptied this place, it's no more bedlam of feeling
And that's how I got healed by the forces from the ceiling
You turned off my dim light, got me in the loony trance
Now I'm held by the craziest ones
Now I'm held by the craziest ones!

When I see some gloomy traces
I can emotionlessly sweep them away
I'm sick of gazing, then chazing and blazing
It's time of rising, time to walk through the bay
Of high hopes, plans and some perfidious intenions
Cause the pain has been created by developed generation
I am fucking limited! And I'm not alone
We are the whole Simple Spirits Nation!


No, no more!
Killing out the motivation, chasing after wild sensation
No, no more!
Feelings cause the instant killing, but the ceiling is appealing
Now one more time, dudes, one, two, three and here we fucking go!


And the distance fucked me again...
Track Name: If I Ever Become A Woman
Victorious Loser: If I ever become a woman
Sweetest wife, the best mother and child
And if I ever wore sexy lingerie
And my voice gets so cute, soft and mild
And if I ever give up on my rock boots
For wearing high heels, lipstick or blush
And if I ever remove my third tooth
Just to seem more pretty to my crush

Then bury my bones in the ground
Bury them under the layer of concrete
Then throw my piteous remnants into the river
Memories sweet, let them grow, let us flow

If you ever become a real man
So custodial, so handsome and so strong
And if you ever wore a serious suit
With solemnity and devotion in your song
And if you ever give up on you cute smile
Choosing silence and a crying broken heart
And if you ever sire a descendant
Different than two hundred ones which you have now

I'll bury your bones in the ground
Bury them under the layer of concrete
I'll throw your piteous remnants into the river
Underneath just a lie which divides

So if we ever become someone else
Artifficial creatures made up by the world
And if we ever kill our souls for anyone
Or if our spirits get choked or sold
And if we ever let the tempest devour us
Letting our overlays become empty and hollow
And if we ever lose our colors and fade
Into dimension of drabness and sorrow

Please, bury our bones in the ground
Bury them under the layer of concrete
Then throw our piteous remnants into the river
Sow new seed, let it grow, let us flow

So if we ever stop being just humans
And if we ever become something more or less
Then let the world burn, let it end
Because it will be no more a secure place
Track Name: How To Destroy A Sleepy Dimension With Only A Hammer Ten Hours Too Late (Fighter Manual For The Beginners)
Victorious Loser: Firstly wake up from the nightmare, rub your eyes, wipe sweat away
Is there anything apart from fear that you should do?
Yeah, you loser! Close your eyes now, clench your fists and see the truth
Cause a person in this nightmare wasn't you...
Then secondly, take a breath, think it twice and call yourself
Arrange a meeting somewhere in the Fucker Street
Now only you and you again, grab a paper, write a plan
Then turn back time and undo all of this shit

Well... YEAH!

I need a massive machine gun, oh shit! It wasn't in my plan, my mind created some prehistoric tools
It doesn't matter anyway, just plastic dick would be okay, with any implement I'll smash these icky fools!
Noone deserves to be treated like that
Now better run, I'll bite and I'll smash!
I grab a hammer, hold it up, I grind their faces, they're just crap, I'm defeating them with their kindness so bright
Some nails just buckled from the fright, it's such erratic, epic fight, Yap Snow is here ans she's doing it right!
Noone deserves to be treated this way
So we should fight for ourselves, take our lives in our hands
Sometimes it's better to give them a pay
And remain

Now the last step you should follow, wait for warm and blessed night
Let bonfire warm you up, let your ears fill with this song's sound
Just drink a glass of a good wine, up to two glasses, maybe ten
Now you're a fighter, don't forget it, and now your life is in your hands

Fukin' Winner: And now, when I'm a fukin' winner
In right dimension where we're both alright
I killed the monsters, I made us whole again,
I need more sleep, so I kiss your cheek goodnight

Track Name: We're Alive
Fukin' Winner: I'm alive, I'm alive
No more exaggerated stories in my mind
Someone's counting: one-one-one out of my sight
Doesn't matter, glas ain't scattered, I'm alive

You're alive, you're alive
Gently floating in the twilight with low tide
To the place where we all can nidify
Wings are spread, blood ain't shed, you're alive!

When the wind is getting stronger – you're alive!
When the silence's taking over – I'm alive!
Hand by hand and toe by toe we are wandering through the night
All your features, lovely creatures are alive

Tatooed body, heart of butter – you're alive
Squirrel bathing in rain gutter – you're alive
Tiger Lady or Light Keeper on a constant dragon ride
You are unique, you're peculiar, you're alive

Emo elf on a green leaf – you're alive
Lunacy sew into weave – you're alive
And a sparrow in the castle motivated all the time
You're uncommon, you're miraclous, you're alive!

I'm alive, I'm alive
No more exaggerated stories in my mind
And you're here with another spring, blooming with power and might
Colors explode, water boils, you're alive!

When the eyes are open wide – we're alive
When we join the brighter side – we're alive
With hearts beating, all together, we are strong and we unite
All the spectres, all the spirits – we're alive!

At the sunset of this Earth – we're alive
Covered with the freedom dirt – we're alive
On the top of highest mountain with the one who patronize
We are special, we are gracious, we're alive

At the sunrise of this Earth – we're alive!

The Oueen: Panowanie, osądzanie, rozporządzanie. I komu to do szczęścia potrzebne? Czy nie lepiej byłoby wszystkim zdjąć korony z napompowanych łbów i po prostu żyć?

Alewife: Komu jeszcze piwa, komu? Dzisiaj wszystko za darmo! W dniu odbudowania tej meliny celebrujemy życie! Kto się jeszcze napije? Śmiało!

Insane Girl: Look up! Under the wooden ceiling they are all dancing, white and tiny. Paper cranes! What a day to be alive...

Light Keeper (Tiger Lady): And above the ceiling, there's a flame. Light that doesn't need to be kept any longer because it lives itself, powerful and almighty.

Squirrel (Inner Child): The sun children are safe now! They levitated among us singing the freedom anthem. Will you sing with us? Will you release your inner child which got imprisoned under the overlay of duties and stereotypes?

Emo Elf (Friendly Spectre): The power of friendship becomes unexpectedly strong. Love is pervasive, it toucehs everyone, without exceptions. Soon everything gets covered with the ash of peace...

Sparrow (Spirit of Harmony):...And harmony. It's a new dimension. No false notes, no chaos and no affliction. Everything is finally on its place, ready to play the symphony of light and victory

Fukin' Winner: Because we won! We overcame tedious obstacles, brought down ludicrous society's rules. We slod our spirits to simpleness, creating the undefeatable nation

Winner & Wanderer: And we discovered that it's so good to be alive. And we discovered that if we try hard anough we can make the broken glass whole again.