August vs May

by Yap Snow

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released November 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Yap Snow Zakopane, Poland

Folk punk solo project from Zakopane, PL. Jagoda Stawiarska is the former of the project. All the CDs are home-released.

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Track Name: A Song For Love
Die, you whore, die!

They told me you're so beautiful,
So noble in your grace.
Where are your fangs?
Who calls you pretty must have forgotten about them.

Even though I don't have bitting scars
You were too far away
To gain my respect,
Whenever and wherever and however may.

You have only one hideous shape
This shape's not guilty at all.
I understand it nowadays
After war as cold as a scythe during fall.

I fought for you so many times,
You ungrateful bitch
All I got was your middle finger
Protruding over clouds
And your dirty loser anus
Pooped out on me in glory of your ass.

I won't give up so easy.
Your value
Devoid of any values
Means to me as much as a rock covered with shit.

I won't stick knives and daggers.
Maybe I'll only sow a seed of anxiety
And I'll watch how it grows
Among those who are not themselves yet.

Die, you whore, die!
Track Name: The August Inn
A morning sun is shining above the inn
With burdensome strenght that is hard to stand
With grain of divanity and a crop of sin
Another lazy August just comes to an end

The inn is fully demolished inside
A broken glass and wood lies everywhere
But if you search for people then you might find
Most faithful souls cause they are still in there

There is a Queen with her eyes filled with rage
Once she got mad from having things out of control
When she destroyed all around she took off her crown
And then she promised she won't hurt you anymore

There is an Alewife with some sparks in ger glance
Screaming out loud "in fuckin beer we all can trust!"
Thou she is old she's cheerful and will always take a chance
To grab your sausage or to slap your manly ass

We have some liquors of every kind
Some broken tables and some sultry air
But if you search for people then you might find
Most faithful souls cause they are still in there

There is a Fallen Angel with some blackened wings
Once she survived a bloodshed in a deadly strife
And now by drinking good wine and gritting her teeth
She may forget and for a while laugh at her life

There is an Insane Girl embroidering in the corner
She watches every move and hears whichever word
She may firstly kiss you then kill by a razor blade
But she can listen like noone in the world

We have some liquors of every kind...

There is a Drunkard laying straight with wry lips
Howling in envy, even playing with a gun
Depressive vodka has ended but he still has some dibs
So it's enough to buy another one

There are two shadows with their hair like wavy seas
But they just wander along this cold and rubbled ground
Thou they are only shadows they cannot be dismissed
Cause in this sick place all memories are alive


There is Good Spirit infected with this mess,
Seems mild and soft, but you try to break him in vain
With smile on his lips he lets his silent prayer flow
The words so beautiful ascending through the rain

There is a Reaper with his scythe held so high
It caused a damage on his soul and innocence
Now he is crawling and desperately looking for a way,
Still obstinate to reject the helping hands


There is a Wanderer rocking all around
Everyone knows his name, but noone knows his mind
His beautiful laughter shows his transcendental soul
But middle fingers proclaim his swollen pride

There is a Gambler jostling them without mercy
Thou she's a bankrupt she feels like being free
And with a memory of her wallet thet once was pursy
Today she is the winner of this company

There is no chance for them to live in their society
Without some serious changes to their lives
But in the August Inn kissed by the sun
They may be anyway the madmen in disguise
Track Name: Give Me My Book Back!
I suffer from the inside, man, I suffer every day
And I still cannot believe how can you treat me in this wa
Once I owned fantasy book which was worth dying for
But you borrowed it and since that day it belongs to me no more

Hey! I begged you thousands times and the lakes of tears I cried
You saw me in despair but you just seem to be blind
You took it one year and five months ago and you still don't give a fuck
I will love you till the end of times if you give me my book back

You had small thuja in your garden, so green, alive and warm
And I accidentaly stepped on it and crushed it like a worm
I know I shouldn't have done that, it wasn't really cool
And you may be taking revenge now but the vengeance is too cruel!
Track Name: An Old Beginning Or New End (Na, Na Na, Na Na Na)
We were sitting in my bed: me and my little song,
When I heard a knocking at my door: what the fuck is going on? 
And I saw a postman right there, "sign here, my lovely miss..."
"Oh my God... this thing you hold... It's the object of my dreams!"

I've waited for such a long time! (So long, long time)
And I got my sweet book back! (Got my book back!)
It must be just a miracle (my dreams came true)
Na, na na, na na na.

Oh my dear, it was so cold, the pages were almost frozen,
But it was here, right in my house, this one I once have chosen!
I stuck in there some post-its with the rhymes, just for fun,
And they are still there, between the words... and only one has gone.

Relief and peace, they fill my heart (they fill my heart),
And nothing can tear it apart (my life is done!)
I hope your thuja is alright (I'm sorry, one more time)
Na, na na, na na na.

You were the only one who could turn back the time,
And the last sad year has just gone.
No matter what they say, an old beginning or new end
I don't give a fuck, I got back what I lost!

A little mindfuck never killed nobody (I just think so)
Sweet freedom waits for me outside (hello, my friend!)
The void, the anger and the pain (the memories)
Na, nana, nanana.
Track Name: A Ballad About Love That Did Never Exist
Ladies and Gentelmen, welcome to my life of Absurd. Today I'm going to tell you a story about love, that did never exist...

Ah, this love did never exist...

She was just a bag of skin, blood, bones and muscles
He was just a set of some letters on the piece of paper
He appeared in her mind one sunny day of autumn
And asked her if she could visit him later

And She decided to visit him

She came to his little world in the labyrynth in her head
And she felt in love with his smile that never faded,
She realised how beautiful would look his tears of sorrow
And started to imagine what could bring him tomorrow's day

And then came the pain and the rain of the tragedy that burned his pale skin

And now he screams in pain,
But there's nowhere to run
Away and she stands in front of him afraid of what she had done
Now he tries not to cry,
Somehow he lost his smile
And she is trying to fix him, but how long she can try?

Ah, this love did never exist

She put her pawns on a board in too entangled way
And now there's no return, no happy end, but
He forgives her all of her 'little' sins, cause
He doesn't have another way - she created him

Die, he can't die, he will be still alive, in the end they are gonna be all right...

And now he screams in pain,
But there's nowhere to run
Away and she stands in front of him afraid of what she had done
Now he tries not to cry,
Somehow he lost his smile
And she is trying to fix him, but how long she can try?

Someday he'll smile again
She'll tidy this fucking mess
Someday they will be together and they will find their happiness
But maybe then he will fade,
But he'll be not erased
He'll always exist in the lovely, RED Book an in the smile on her face

Ah, This love did never exist...
Track Name: For An Offended One, For A Fearful One And For Me
Hey! Dry your tears 'cause it is over
And you don't have to talk to me anymore
You're sad, I know, I'm sorry,
But it'll be better for us both
You're crying in the deepest night
You're howling to the moon, I see
But man, I won't save you again
I think this is a punishment for being mean to me

Hey, ya provoked me!
'Cause you needn't to take revenge on me
So I called you motherfucker and went away

And I, I really, I don't want you to get back
I fucked this false love and I made it crack
I don't want to belong, spent one year without independence
And it was a year to long
And this song, I wrote it for an Offended One
Who cries that he has never seen the sun
Even when the rays of sun tickled his eyes
I think the sun just made him blind

Hey! Be the brave man, swallow your pride
And face me, dude, just one more time
Do it, man, as soon as ya can
It won't be scary, as I said
I follow every step you take
Know what ya do every single day
If you don't learn how to be brave
Soon you even won't feel safe in your own house and in your bed

'Cause I know ya
You ran away but I didn't forget you
I know your every fucking scubby flaw (still)

And I, I really, really want you to get back
I hated, loved, was happy and was mad
Then again I was born, I have known you half a year
It was eternity too short
And this song, I wrote it for a Fearful One
Who thinks he would be always on the run
Then his dreams will be defeated, my eternal, glorious Fire
Will entirely burn his feet
So he won't escape anymore

Hey Offended One! You know, I don't hate ya at all. Wouldn't it be nice if you put yourself back together and be a person you were when I met you for the first time? You were really cute, adorable and helpful. Come on! Breaking up isn't the end of the world!
And you, Fearful One? Don't you think I was too young and stupid when I met you for the first time? Don't you think I should get a chance to start a new episode in your life? So love me!

And I, I only want ti kead a peaceful life
On Earth with happiness and my guitar
To be a rebel, to be strong
And I wanna have a soulmate but I don't want to belong
And this song, I wrote it, yeah, I wrote it just for me
Bout being happy and bout being free
Bout good people with bad lives
And bout lousy provokations that won't end up with strife
Track Name: The One Who Tries To Escape Always Gets Shot Twice
Down my lane
I was walking down this road
Through my phobias and so on
All the rocks were covered in disgust
Determined to stick (to) my rules I wass wallowing in the dust

Silent craving in my heart
"Hey, let's win our final fight!"
Made me risk and look what am I now
Rainbow-puking, body-trembling and emotionally drunk

Now be quiet, my sweet people,
Great escapist on her ring
Tries to put her shit together
Not to pass out while she sings
Now be gentle and forgiving,
She still tries and tries her best
But it's ain't so fuckinh easy
With heart jumping out her chest!

Oh, why?
Yesterday I must have died
'Cause my world looks like heaven now
That's right!
The one who tries to escape always gets shot twice!

I'm just sick
With my fear of being loved
I forgot how to be soft,
Gentle, tender and even nice
"Leave me all you fuckin' losers, I don't care 'bout your advice!"

But now
I'm so happy anyhow
Kinda thrilled yet very proud
Hey my guys! Doesn't it sound strange?
I love you both, I swear, but among you I feel safe :)

Now be quiet, my sweet people,
Great escapist won her life
Let's be silent for a minute
To honour her final fight...
Track Name: Side Effect
Hello, my friend
How do you feel after these years
Of lively solitude

So do I.
Nothing to regret,
My soul ain't dead,
My heart ain't empty.

We used to create
Both love and hate...

So we run to the top
And see the earth's brighter side
Our beloved ones that we made up
Only make us feel alive

My world doesn't say a word
It is sleeping at the moment
I don't mind if it does -
It's ain't pleasure and ain't torment

Feelings out, sympathy out
Motherfucker's sweet exterior
It's exactly what I think
When I'm looking at the mirror

But we can sing some cute songs
Wandering through our minds' mazes
So go on with your sweet voice
I will add my scratchy phrases

Oh, na na na
That's exactly how I feel it!

Hello, my friend
You're quite confused about me calling you this name
I can imagine

But I...

I can explain everything!
Look at our storylines!
Our beloved ones that we made up
Always were the truest ones!

Sick ideas in our heads
Similar in suspicious way,
It's just a blink in my eye
And a waving of my hand

Over the world I will go
With a smile on my face
As you know it's not so hard
If your freedom is at hand

Raise our hands all lovely people!
Let's sing these verses to the sky
Nothing's ended, faith's defended
And in the air our battle cry

Oh, na na na
Nothing's ended, storm is over,
It's another state of mind

Oh, na na na
I am proud of all this shit.
Track Name: Pożegnanie Dla Emigranta
Sitting in the corner of a little café
Writing the last lines to you, goodbye
Thou my dear, you lost me long time ago
I still feel your part is mine

So run away, my sweet exile
So hide again in abandoned land
The letters are burning, the road is turning
To where my empathy was found

Sitting in a green field above your house
The curtains are still fallen, you're far away
My song is sweet and gentle thou it shouldn't be
But I can't help myself in such a sunny day

So run away my sweet exile
So hide again in abandoned land
There is no reason to focus on life
When our words had turned to sand

Sitting in a centre of my spirit
When you're reading my final goodbye
Thou I don't want to belong, to love and be loved
You're the only one I still have in mind

So run away, my sweet exile
So hide again in abandoned land
The letters are burning, the road is turning
To where my empathy was found

So run away my sweet exile
So hide again in abandoned land
There is no reason to focus on life
When our words had turned to sand

So run away my sweet exile
So hide again in abandoned land
And when you'll return you'll hear my song
Stuck deep in your homeland ground
Track Name: Dirty Old Town (Traditional Cover)
I met my love by the gas works wall
Dreamed a dream by the old canal
Kissed a girl by the factory wall
Dirty old town
Dirty old town

Clouds a drifting across the streets
Cats a prowling on their beat
Spring's a girl in the street at night
Dirty old town
Dirty old town

Heard a siren from the docks
Saw a train set the night on fire
Smelled the spring on the smoky wind
Dirty old town
Dirty old town

I'm going to make me a good sharp axe
Shining steel tempered in the fire
Will chop you down like an old dead tree
Dirty old town
Dirty old town

I met my love by the gas works wall
Dreamed a dream by the old canal
Kissed a girl by the factory wall
Dirty old town
Dirty old town
Track Name: Out!ro (For Aethernity
Empty room and a silent breath
The storm has come to save us from eternal death
(Sometimes it's even darker)
Our shadows dance in the cradle made of Clay
The August shines (sort of) and still cries the May
The therapy, the cure, the lie,
Our shadows rampage in the open skies
This is salvation as it comes for us
The paths we run and the gates we pass
This is the end as it used to be
(My inner life for Aethernity)